Analysis of Organically Compounds in Newsprint by GC-MS Methods

Ramin Vaysi


The aim of this research was carried to identification of extractives chemical composition in the newsprint by GC/MS technique. For this purpose, paper samples were chosen randomly from paper newsprint produced in Mazandaran Pulp and Paper Mill. At first stage, provided paper flour and then measured extractive by TAPPI standards. Second stage, paper flour was washed by toluene – ethylic alcohol with the 2:1 ratio and added BSTFA reactor to extractives residue. Then samples kept in Ben Marry Bath in 70oC for an hour, and they were analyzed by GC/MS. So that, The GC diagram used for identification of compounds that it shows abundance and retention time of each compound, and calculation of quartz index and Adams table. The mean of extractives were 6.92 % in newsprint. Forty-eight compounds were found in newsprint, which such as Benzaldehyde (32.56%), Silan, trimethyl (12.65%), Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (6.98%), Gamma-Sitosterol (4.84%), n-Hexadecanoic acid (4.56%), Bibenzyl (3.82%) were the most compounds and the Dodecanoic acid (0.14%), Decan (0.18%), Xylene  (0.19%), Benzen,1-methyl-4-phenylmethyl (0.2%) were lowest compounds respectively, too. These compounds are very important in yellowing and brightness stability of newsprint.

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