Investigation on characteristics of bleached bagasse pulp using neutral sulfite and soda solutions

parizad sheikhi


The aim of this paper is to evaluate the properties of three bleached pulps made of bagasse which is produced with NaOH (15% o.d. bagasse) and Na2SO3:Na2CO3 with two different ratios (20:10% and 26.25:8.75% on o.d. bagasse). Pulping was carried out in 15 minutes time and temperature 170°C. Bleaching was done with sodium hypochlorite (8% o.d. pulp) at 120 minutes, 50°C temperature and 10% stock concentration at one stage. Some hand sheets at 70gr m-2 basis weight were made. The characteristics such as, total yield, screened yield, shives percent, kappa number, bulk, tear index, burst index, breaking length, brightness and opacity were measured according to Tappi and ISO standards and then compared to each other. Bagasse soda pulp had the highest yield after bleaching (55.3%) and the least yield (37.4%) was obtained with 30% neutral sulfite solution. The strength properties showed that neutral sulfite solution had better tear index ( 2.23  mN.m2/g ), whereas soda solution had better breaking length (1.3 km) and burst index ( 0.73 kpa.m2/g). The pulps, which were cooked with neutral sulfite solution, had better bleachability. Whereas, the bagasse soda pulp had better opacity.

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